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What is holistic therapy?

The word holistic comes from the Greek “holos” which means whole. Different from traditional medicine, which looks at symptoms and ailments, the holistic approach will look not only at the body, but also lifestyle, and  the emotional and mental bodies, which play a crucial role in the states of health or disease. 

Any healthcare therapy that treats the individual from a body and mind point of view is considered a holistic approach. I personally use Cognitive Hypnotherapy and Yoga therapy to treat mind and body simultaneously.

Throughout my 20s I struggled with IBS, Interstitial Cystitis, fibroids, insomnia, and anxiety. I saw different doctors who couldn’t identify the root cause and gave me medication that never fully resolved my issues. I felt hopeless and thought I would have to live with chronic symptoms forever. I used to think “if it’s this bad when I’m young, what is going to happen when I’m older?”

I’ve always had an interest in psychology, and I started studying psychosomatic diseases and I had no doubt that all my symptoms were the result of trauma. I knew it was no coincidence that all my ailments were concentrated in the sacral area of my body. This is precisely where the sacral chakra is located, and it governs our emotions, creativity, sexuality, emotional well-being, and self-expression.

Marta Faria Holistic Therapies

Growing up, I experienced sexual issues and strong feelings of shame and guilt. And it was only when I started addressing these issues that my body began to heal. My process started with traditional psychotherapy, which was very important on my journey, but I felt stuck after a while. I then tried hypnotherapy and that completely changed the game for me. My body started to heal and I became convinced of this connection between mind and body.

I’m nearly 40 years old and I am way healthier than I was throughout my 20s. My own journey inspired me so much that it became my mission to help others do the same.

My approach is realistic, it’s certainly not a magic pill and I obviously don’t promise you will be completely healed, but I can guarantee you will see improvements and reduce symptoms. 

Together, we will explore the possible emotional causes of your symptoms and get to its root cause. Even though most doctors agree that 90% of diseases come from stress, still the emotional aspect of ailments is often neglected by most doctors, and this is precisely what we will address should you decide to work with me.

Traditional medicine and holistic medicine should always work together to provide an integrative and whole treatment for everyone struggling with health issues. 


If you’re interested in working with me, if you have any questions or you just fancy chatting before booking your first consultation, I’d love you to get in touch.

I offer a FREE 15 minute consultation that you can book by emailing me at info@martafaria.com or by filling the form on the side.

I offer both online sessions and in-person sessions. The in-person sessions are held at the beautiful studio Yoga House, Catford, Southeast London.


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